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Private Equity Courses Online That Can Boost Your Career

If you work in investment banking, you may be considering a transition into the field of private equity. Conversely, you may be an experienced professional at the top of your private equity firm interested in keeping your skills and strategies relevant in an ever-changing global climate. Regardless of your experience or professional goals, online classes can help you be prepared for the changes and growth you want to make. Here are 15 online courses that will make it easy to stay at the top of your field or to secure your dream job. 


This website provides a platform to take courses from a wide range of schools. Enrollment is free and courses are reasonably priced. Some classes are even offered at no cost to you.

If you want to learn more about starting your own firm, Private Equity and Venture Capital will walk you through the basics. In addition to discussing how to secure investors, this course will also take you from the initial venture capital phase through the more mature phases of development.

For a course to help you brush up on your valuation strategies, consider taking Advanced Valuation and Strategy. This course uses a variety of approaches, including game theory and adaptive strategies, to increase your strategic thinking for creating and closing deals. The class is offered at 3 different levels, from a brief 1-week course outlining the main concepts to a rigorous course intended to provide a challenge. 

Think Like a CFO Specialization provides coursework to hone your skills for identifying and resolving financial issues within a company. This class will support you in the diagnosis of issues with cash flow and profitability and developing creative solutions for the problem. In the field of private equity, these are important skills to have when establishing valuation and closing deals.

Wall Street Prep

Geared toward professionals within the financial field, Wall Street Prep offers a variety of courses intended to increase skills in modeling. If you are just starting out and need experience in order to score an interview and land a job, the instructor-led boot camp courses will provide you with the terminology and know-how to answer questions effectively and confidently. More seasoned professionals can take advantage of the self-paced online courses to brush up and hone their financial skills.

Financial and Valuation Modeling Virtual Bootcamp provides a 3 day step-by-step seminar for those newer to the industry. It walks you through how to create different models of valuation using real case studies, and provides you with actionable knowledge that you can employ during an interview and skills to increase your contributions to your firm.

If you are a junior professional looking to break into private equity or bring more value to your team, Private Equity Deal Process Boot Camp can help you hone your skills in the process of creating and closing deals. This one-day course will leave you with a better understanding of the entire scope, from the pre-deal process through the Indication of Interest (IOI), Letter of Intent (LOI), and finally the closing. 

Private equity can be a difficult branch of the financial field to break into. If you are looking to make the transition, Breaking Into Private Equity: LBO Modeling and PE Deal Process Masterclass Virtual Bootcamp can help you bridge the divide. Taught by experienced private equity professionals, this course will provide you with specific strategies for constructing a leveraged buyout (LBO) model and deal-making strategies and will also cover the other daily responsibilities you can expect to encounter in a private equity firm.

If you are a more seasoned private equity professional, you may be looking for courses to continue to develop your skills and strategies as laws and rules change. Impact of Tax Reform on Financial Models shows you how tax changes have impacted how transactions are analyzed and modeling is done. The course even provides you with an editable Excel template for you to work within during the course and then reuse in your everyday practice.

Occasionally, private equity firms will specialize in their investments. Oil and gas can be a lucrative field, but require specific skills and strategies for valuation and modeling. Oil and Gas Modeling is a self-paced course that walks you through creating a financial model from authentic data and leaves you with the skills to apply this to future deals in this area.


Similar to the previous two sites, Udemy offers a variety of courses in the field of private equity that serve the needs of burgeoning analysts to experienced professionals. Many of the courses are reasonably priced and self-paced, which can be crucial for hard-working and busy professionals. 

Private Equity — Ultimate Private Equity Modeling Course is perfect for a professional new to the financial industry, or for someone more experienced who wants to cross over into the field of private equity. The course covers all of the basics, from terminology to models to techniques utilized in the field. 

Another great course for a professional new to the financial industry is Private Equity: Concept for Financing Like Hedge Funds. This class covers the basics, such as asset valuation, corporate finance, investing, and day-to-day roles and responsibilities in the field. An accounting background and basic experience with Excel are prerequisites for enrolling in the course.

CFOs, startup owners, and angel investors are among the professionals who can learn how to protect their own investments in dealmaking with Ultimate Venture Capital: How to Model Investment Rounds. Specifically, the course will cover the cap table, waterfall analysis, and the impact of liquidation on the bottom line of your firm.

As an alternative to professional development solely focused on the field of private equity, Career Assessments in Private Equity can provide insight into your own desires and motivations. Assessments included within the course probe you to help you determine the working conditions that make you most productive and the parts of your job you most drive and motivate you. This information can help you to set new professional goals for yourself and to identify your strengths and weaknesses in order to work more collaboratively with investors, clients, and colleagues in your firm.

London Business School

Centered in one of the global financial hubs, the London Business school offers nearly two dozen courses in the field of financing. Searchable by experience level to ensure that you are taking classes designed for you, each seminar is led by experienced professors and finance professionals to help you keep pace in the global economy.

Professionals in the early stages of their career can increase their understanding of valuation through the course Financial Strategies for Value Creation. The course covers all of the ins and outs of handling investments and payouts through the process of brokering deals. In addition to everyday topics in the field of private equity, the class will offer strategies for addressing financial difficulties in the company.

For those with about 10 years in the field, Masterclass in Private Equity will help you take your experiences and shape new strategies and techniques to remain competitive and continue to build your business. Since the online seminar is open to participants around the globe, you will also have an opportunity for international networking.

Another course for those at the top of the private equity field is Mergers and Acquisitions. The course will increase your skills in assessing targets realistically, which will in turn assist you in using leverage effectively in making deals. Additionally, the course will cover successful integration following a merger in order to ensure the best long-term financial outcomes.